Late Nights (Cologne)

I could give you something to smile about.
Years from now when you’ve settled down with the next best thing, I’m what you’ll be daydreaming about.
I won’t keep you waiting, no hesitation on my part as I part your red seas while you say “Oh my God”.
With just a touch you’re already breaking down.
Its not what’s being said that’s turning you inside out, its how it flows out of me that’s got you running wet.
I know that you like the route that my words take while finding ways to enter your mind.
Even when I’m long gone, I still linger around just like my cologne.
You try to ride it out, but you want to get it started all over again until you pass out or find another way to pass the time with such ease and comfort.

Enjoy the ride, ring my bell if you need a chance to stop and breathe, otherwise I won’t stop until you’ve arrived at your destination.
We’ve gone from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye, but that’s all in the past.
You probably wish we were burning rubber as if our lives depended on it.
Flashing lights show me what lies beneath the things you do while we tear through your red light district in ways that only you know with your eyes closed.
I’m sure that you’d like nothing better than to get close to me one last time.
But I don’t operate that way, I want to save you not leave scars like they were tattoos for everyone to see.
So lay your eyes on me, but that’s the only way you’ll be laying on me tonight.

I can be your comfort, but I won’t be just another option, I’m too good for that.
If you can’t love me the same way I love you, than late night thoughts will be the only way for you to have your way with me.
So just enjoy yourself until you’re ready for all of me.
Let me linger for more than a night.
Just commit me to memory together with the beat of your heart.
Can you still smell my cologne?

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2 thoughts on “Late Nights (Cologne)

  1. gia

    amazinggg quamms 🙂


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