All The Right Moves (Hugs & Kisses)

I think we ought to embrace each other more. It’s an under-appreciated act of love. Political correctness has erased so much passion from our daily lives. It’s as if we’re afraid that even a well-timed and appropriate kiss or hug will somehow get us slapped with a lawsuit instead of positive reciprocation.

All The Right Moves (In All The Right Places)

One must know how and when to deliver a kiss or hug. Have you ever received something that you really wanted or needed at the worst and most inconvenient time ever? Well showing affection needs to be done at the right time and mood. If you are comfortable and familiar enough with someone, you should be able to read their level of trust and comfort and based on that judgment call, decide which course of action to take.

  • A good kiss or embrace is never forgotten.
  • A good kiss, it has been said, is your signature.
    We should think about our kisses and what we want them to mean.
  • Your embrace should give someone a moment of release from whatever is bothering them, even if it’s just for that moment.
  • Your embrace should leave something to be desired, and should leave the recipient lingering or and feeling good about not only you, but most importantly themselves.

Maybe that’s just the naive romantic in me speaking. I believe that a good hug or kiss can show you who you are; if not in your own eyes, then in the eyes of the person that is holding your attention in that moment. So just shut up and enjoy it while it lasts!

How do you measure where you stand with people, if you’ve never touched them?

Don’t be shy now, get over here.

“Push aside the vines,
As you step inside;
Forget about the mess,
That encircles the less — of me.

See me for who I am,
Who I was in the end;
Don’t be blind to the mask,
Like everyone always has.”

Brittany Rose (More than What Meets the Eye (via East Coast Insomnia)

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One thought on “All The Right Moves (Hugs & Kisses)

  1. Awesome to see that you enjoyed my poetry enough to use it! Also, thank you for giving me credit for my work. (:


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