Green Tea & Green Shirts (Did You Get The Memo?)

So here I am sipping on some Green Tea in my green shirt, sitting next to my girls in green and I can’t help but to think, “We look damn good in matching colours.”

I’ve noticed that in my office it seems that somehow we are able match our outfits. This happens quite often with both the men and women around the office. It’s not like we send out memos or anything, so I find it interesting that it happens as frequently as it does. I’ve noticed as many as 7 people matching in one day.

If anything, our colour co-ordination gives us plenty to laugh about over our breaks. Yesterday half of the office was wearing either blue & white or purple, once again there was no dress code needed for “National Bieber Day” as we started calling it.
Speaking of Green Tea, I need to get myself another cup, this is some good shit.
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2 thoughts on “Green Tea & Green Shirts (Did You Get The Memo?)

  1. what else do you put in your green tea?


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