The Last Strands of Light

Passions are passing and feelings have faded.
I gave you time to clear your mind in hopes that when you got back to me, you’d be sure about what we could be.
I get quiet around you because I can’t contain all that I feel and still remain blind to the things that you chose to do.
I don’t want fair, I want someone that’s there.
Should we have stopped this train when you let him get on and get close to you while I was out of sight?
I’ve never been one to accuse or assume, I gave you a chance to let it all out.
On your own you entertained your wants and curiosities, so what reason would I have to stay and wait for play time to end?

What were you thinking with his voice in your ear?
Next to the window with the city lights reaching into strands of your hair.
All I can do, is wash away this heavy heart and put aside this fragile state.
Didn’t expect to feel like I did, although I could already feel the sting of what you were doing.
In the light I can still see you, but you won’t see that side of me anymore.

You’d think that I would be broken but I’m better because of it.
I knew who I was going in and I know who I am through and through.
I didn’t want to own you, I just wanted to know you and where you stood.
We choose to love the person that is present, not the person that they might become, and hope that we make it through.
All I can do is turn off the light during this fever dream and let karma have its way while we struggle through the night.
Tonight a flicker of hope bathes over the strands of hair that rest on our heads as we lay in the bed that we made.

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