Take It From Me

This morning I saw her, but something was different.
So strong and stable, gone in a whisper.
Her life had left her with none of her own, and I had to pick up the pieces.
I could never say enough to clear the path to her freedom, but I’ll try anyway until it’s crystal clear just how good she was to me.
We die from all of the passionate distress that we try to hold back.
It’s too much to hold in and there’s too little to stop us from going overboard.
For fear of falling out of what we fell into while our Mother’s looked over our shoulders with such optimism for life.
Take it from me.
For all the good that it does, holding on for dear life gets so old.
Don’t let me lose my love in place of sympathy.
My life was hers and in turn her days became mine.
Hold me, don’t forget me.

Hold on to a word or two, if it comforts you.
Sometimes all we can do is make it through the night.
I want to be happy for you, but I’m just not there yet.
I’ll try to keep it together for you.
Looking up didn’t seem so hard yesterday.
All my time’s been put to rest.
I guess we take after our Mothers & Fathers more than we’d dare to believe.
We’re so hesitant to stand still until it’s all we can do in times like these.
Under the weight of our responsibilities, its hard to come up for air expecting that nothing’s going to change or disappear.
We have only one life, so don’t let it disappear with everything we’ve come to love and fear.

I guess we’re so used to being strong.
So used to putting on a show.
Oh my, what a willing audience we’ve become.
I’m not a fan, I’m a friend to confide in.
I can be what you need me to be as long as you let me be.
I’ll respect your wishes for now, but at some point we’ll meet again and maybe then you won’t turn me away.
What you do to me can’t be simply explained.
Oh love of mine, too many one nights stand in the way of forever.
Never still, always on the go, its okay to stop and breathe.
Come lay next to me, lets complete the part of you that you see in me.
Or maybe we could just co-exist in silence and let that be our bond.
What if that’s the way it’s meant to be?
Let’s find out on our own time.
We have only one life.
What would it take to live again?
Whatever it is, take it from me my friend, my love.

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2 thoughts on “Take It From Me

  1. that was so beautiful and im sure it is very true to many people. nicely done!


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