The Message (Speak Your Mind)

Yes, bravado is sexy.

Yes, strength is a turn on.

BUT, a man who can honestly articulate the matters of his heart is a keeper.

Talking about the “Game” is easy, but laying down how you feel and WHY you feel that way takes some effort. So I have to respect a man who can express himself verbally or in writing effectively.

I can say what’s on my mind with relative ease in the right situation or when I’m around the right people, but give me a pen or my Blackberry and I’ll write-up a storm about that one throw-away line you just spouted about “talking to me because you can’t talk to your man quite as easily.”

Dudes, please Say Something to your women, girl-friends, etc.

Ladies, an ultimatum is not a serious conversation, it’s the end of one. If you really want your dude to open up, don’t force them to open the flood gates.

Rant over, I’m out.

P.S. Listen to “Marvin’s Room” by Drake (Hometown Hero) and get back to me. Jojo’s version is alright too, so play them both, back to back.

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