Move On (In You)

Attachment leads to suffering.
Maybe that’s why I’m afraid to let go and afraid to hold on too tight.
How do you move on?
I don’t want to be stuck any more.
Fear of failure has become a chain worth breaking.
I’m not ready when I don’t feel like myself.
Where courage takes flight is where I’ll be.
Venture into the unknown.

I can tell you which way to go, but its harder to guide myself without restraint.
That’s probably why I try to find peace in you.
Daily you reign me in while setting me free.
You know what I’m capable of.
Fueled by the strength I’ve found in you,
it’s time to take these broken wings of mine and learn to fly.
My heart says “Move on.”
No turning back.
Break free.

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One thought on “Move On (In You)

  1. i miss reading your work:]
    and this personally speaks to me, i guess the time is perfect.
    letting go and breaking free. first you have to free yourself to free from someone.


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