Our capacity to feel shouldn’t be kept secret; it should be a religious experience.
Love may be the answer, but touch and what it brings leads to many questions.
How much do you trust me?
Why did you go there?
Where can your hands roam?
What can I do for you?

So many questions waiting to find satisfaction in an answer that not only makes sense,
but also feels true to who we are and what we become when we’re together.
Tell me what you need & I’ll give you me.
You know me; now let me show you just how well I know you.
The answer resides locked inside you and it’s written all over me, for only our eyes to see.
Everything I know about you is present in the way I hold on to you.

You wanted control, so I gave it.
You know that I’m a Virgo, I’m impossible to please.
I can’t feel anything if it isn’t genuine.
Own me a little more with each button that you push.
You could aim for my heart and blow my mind just by putting a little pressure right here.
Do it with some passion while we still have some life in us.
Take me over before I turn the tables and have my way with you.
These fingers could dance along your body all night or swim to the depths of your soul.

The future is in our hands, our kiss, our body’s strength and vulnerability as our breaths escape us with all honesty.
Our capacity to love is equal only to our capacity for exploration.
That explains why we’ve spent all our lives reaching out for something more.
At times we can be so endless.
There’s a world of possibilities between our embrace.
Every interaction is a journey.

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