The List (I Think I’ll Need A Bigger Bucket)

Are you getting what you want out of life? Do you really know what you want? Are you so caught up in the “busy”-ness of mere day-to-day living that you feel like you are achieving empty “victories”? Have you ever asked yourself what are you doing this for or what inspires you to keep doing it?

Try this with me:

  1. Clear all distractions. Turn off the phone, the TV, the computer. Lock your door, and go to a quiet place.
  2. Sit down comfortably with a blank piece of paper and a pen in front of you (or a computer).
  3. List as many things as possible that you have not done (careers you want to have, or people you would like to meet), anything that you would regret not doing if you died tonight. Don’t stop writing and don’t censor or think too hard. Just write.
  4. Read your list. Notice any gut reactions you have to the items on YOUR list.
  5. Stop caring about what the ideas are, and you’ll start to release an inner creativity or passion that may have been locked away.
  6. Pick items on your list and actually accomplish them. It’s easier if your friends and family know, so that they can support you.

Personally, after feeling stuck and making out my list, I’ve identified a few ways to make positive changes in my life (and the lives of others). I also realized why I keep coming back to the things that I enjoy. For example, I started this blog to satisfy my inner wordsmith. There are things that I wasn’t ready to say aloud or steps that I wasn’t willing to take, so I wrote.

“Did you get what you want? Do you know what it is?

Most of us don’t know what we want. We think we do, but we really don’t. We only know what we don’t want. We don’t want a boring job. We don’t want to be poor. We don’t want to disappoint our loved ones. I’ve finally realized and accepted that it’s time to make a change in my life. Not because I was forced to, or because I needed to make a sacrifice for someone else, but for myself and my way of life.

Focused intention combined with action is a powerful force and I fully intend on tapping into that. The most interesting people follow a path all their own. It’s time that I followed my own path.

P.S. I’ll post my list later.

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3 thoughts on “The List (I Think I’ll Need A Bigger Bucket)

  1. Great piece! It is so easy to get blown around by life and find yourself overwhelmed by all the things the world demands of us. It good to be reminded to stop, breathe, and life with intention. Thank you!


  2. I like your writing.


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