The List (Filling That Bucket One Step At A Time)

I will be going through this list and checking it off. This is in no specific order and I know that some items will be easier to fulfill than others, so it will take time. I CAN’T wait to get started! I will be taking photos or videos of each task as proof. So unless something happens unexpectedly and I’m completely unprepared for it, there should be evidence of this awesome journey.

Stay tuned!

The Bucket List

  1. *UPDATE* Watch the movie “The Bucket List”, before kicking off this list (as suggested by my barber Kedar Brown)
  2. Become a better public speaker
  3. Take a trip to Japan
    – Stop at the Kiyomizu Temple
  4. Learn Japanese
  5. Get my poetry published in a book/newspaper/magazine
  6. Make time to donate blood again (it’s been 3 months!)
  7. Volunteer for a worthwhile cause (again)
  8. Design a poster & frame it on my wall
  9. Work on a fun project
  10. Work on another film project
  11. Make Fast Food Lasagna with my nephew & friends
  12. Enjoy a day out with Mom
  13. Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty
  14. Be a guest writer on another blog
  15. Write a play (or contribute to the writing of a collaborative play….again)
  16. Get paid for my writing/artwork
  17. Introduce a serious love interest to my Mother, friends & family
  18. Ask a friend on a date (break the “No Friends” rule…..again)
  19. Spend time alone with a close friends and reconnect
  20. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
  21. Do karaoke with friends & coworkers
  22. Play a musical instrument
  23. Learn to play chess
  24. Watch a movie marathon in a theatre
  25. Watch Glee! Live! 3D! in theatres with Tray-Tray (& friends)
  26. Attend an Anime-Con with my nephew (& friends)
  27. Go to a Lifehouse concert
  28. Go sky diving or bungee jumping
  29. Take a bike ride through the city
  30. Pack my bags and set off for a random location
  31. Get closure on all of my regrets & grievances of the past
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4 thoughts on “The List (Filling That Bucket One Step At A Time)

  1. An impressive list! I wish you safe journeys and lots of wonderful moments along the way.


  2. Now that is an impressive list… very exciting too. Get to work and keep us posted! 🙂


  3. Great list for living life to the fullest.

    Now, what is fast food lasagna?


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