A Little Light

I can see what’s coming my way
I can see what’s left to say
I’ve lost this one
Shine a little light on the situation so that I can find the missing pieces
I used to be quite resilient despite what’s been said
I guess I take after my Father
I should know better, but I just don’t know enough to care at all these days

So where do I go from here?
What if I leave before you grow tired of me?
My predilection for the past has changed now that I’m forgetting it all
I have become the focus of this investigation
I tried to stay away, but this scene hasn’t seen the last of me it seems
There’s a degree of difficulty in moving forward while living through memories
After all this time, nights like this are anything but easy
Any minute now this broken clock will stop stealing all my time
I am damaged, like you’ve already figured out
What’s wrong with that picture?

I never thought I’d be here
I couldn’t make you see it
Part of me died many nights before
After all this, why would you ever want to believe me?
You don’t know what you do to me
I’m what you can’t see

I’m the last thing on everyone’s mind, including my own
I have to get out of this, I have to get out of my own way
Sooner than later, before I become undone
One way or another I have to make it through
I’m the darkest hour before the dawn, dependent on the light from the rising sun
Shine a little light on the situation
Leave the light on
Let it all go
Let it go

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One thought on “A Little Light

  1. Beautiful photo… touching poem… we all must eventually let things go… let it go.


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