The List (#6 Completed)


6. Make time to donate blood again (it’s been 3 months!)

I was supposed to donate blood last Friday, but found myself too busy and rescheduled for today. It feels great to give something that can actually make a difference in someone’s life. Being O Negative blood type makes me feel quite proud since its a rare blood type.

Universal donors and universal recipients

Individuals with type O Negative blood are a pretty rare blood group, and are called a “universal donors”, since they can donate blood to any blood type.

If your blood type is . . .

Type You Can Give Blood To You Can Receive Blood From
A+ A+  AB+ A+  A-  O+  O-
O+ O+  A+  B+  AB+ O+  O-
B+ B+  AB+ B+  B-  O+  O-
AB+ AB+ Everyone
A- A+  A-  AB+  AB- A-  O-
O- Everyone O-
B- B+  B-  AB+  AB- B-  O-
AB- AB+  AB- AB-  A-  B-  O-

Like I said earlier, I feel good, but I also feel tired so I’m done for tonight.
Onto the next one (in no specific order)!!

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4 thoughts on “The List (#6 Completed)

  1. Christina Mango

    I’m a type O negative! I donated blood platelets recently and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in a while. Good for you I say!


  2. So thankful for you and many other people’s who do take the time to donate blood for the one’s who need it like me at times. Recently I just got tranfusion. Wow, I have a lot of catcing up you have bn blogging here for long time. lol.. Hope you don’t mind as I take a peek into your world little by little.. God Bless


    • Actually all of my posts from 2006 until October 2010 were carried over from my MSN Spaces blog. But yeah, I write a lot I guess. Feel free to look around the corners of my mind as long as you like.


  3. Really? Nothing wrong with that, I need to move my old blog over these way when I get the time. Well Thank You!


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