Being Nonchalant

Function: Adjective
Date: circa 1734

Definition: Having an air of easy unconcern or indifference.
Synonyms: Cool

Some people have a knack for being nonchalant. Was it something they were born with or was it something that they learned?

The reason I’m asking this question is because I’m guilty of being nonchalant about well….EVERYTHING. I can say just about anything with little to no concern. Sometimes it’s because I actually don’t care or see the point of the conversation, so I remain removed from the situation at hand. At other times I react that way because I know that the issue is really nothing at all, so I don’t even sweat it.

“Everyone loves a good mystery, unless they can’t figure it out, and by “it” I mean you.” – Stephen Quammie

Maybe I’m just not committed to certain things, so my disconnect shows in the delivery of the things I say. I tend to say things that people wouldn’t expect to hear then I return to being nonchalant and rather aloof. Yes I know it drives people crazy when I’m not using it as a device for humour.

“If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.” – G. C. Lichtenberg

That’s not to say that I lack passion, it’s just that I won’t focus my attention or enthusiasm into something until I’m thoroughly interested.

Have your ever been called nonchalant?
(If you truly are nonchalant you won’t even bother acknowledging this question with an answer.)

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3 thoughts on “Being Nonchalant

  1. just a side thought about “nonchalantness”. or indifference (I love the t-shirt) It is also a sign of a sociopath. : ) I had to throw that in for perspective. You know, for good measure.


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