August Nights

I’d like to make you believe.
She burns away the day as she comes and goes.
There’s no comparison.
Would you stop me from going forward with this train of thought?
Without a trace we could just pick up and go.
Under this heat stricken sky anywhere can be paradise.

I had to get you out of there.
It’s been a while, and I’ll admit I’m being selfish.
I just want you to myself.
Right here’s where I want to be, right where you can see me.
While everything is as it seems, I’m bursting at the seams.
I don’t mind being alone, but I certainly don’t mind your company.
You’d be so good for me.
If you’re ready to take a chance stay with me.
I used to know you like the back of my hand.
As close as close could be, you and me.
Let’s get re-acquainted stranger.

From here there’s just a faint flicker of the city lights.
You’re used to a different kind of buzzing in the air.
I’m gonna remain transparent and let you see all of me.
There are a few things that you need to hear.
We’ve changed, we’ve been used, abused and all the rest.
We’re worth so much more, we’re bold as love, so forget about being subtle.
We used to express everything & apologize for nothing.
You never leave my mind, even when I’ve lost my mind.
Even with everything that’s been going on, I still miss you.
Now we only talk when you need me, please let’s put a stop to that.
I don’t want to be too busy for words.

Tonight, I’ll be starting a fire in you while you lose yourself like no one can.
Sleep with me – I just need your company.
There’s no wondering when we’re so close.
Lying under the morning light, I won’t let you go.
Rest assured I won’t do anything without you by my side.
Let not a minute go to waste.
We used to be happy before we knew what the future was.
Most people are other people, but I just want you to be yourself, wild and free as ever.
Trust me, living so close to the ground is heaven when you’re there.
I’d like to make you believe in you again.

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2 thoughts on “August Nights

  1. I’d like to make you believe in you again. Beautiful poem…


  2. This is absolutely beautiful, sexy, sweet and so romantic.

    I love this line: “We’re worth so much more, we’re bold as love, so forget about being subtle.”


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