A Little More

There’s some things you just can’t change.
There’s some things you just shouldn’t do.
But there’s nothing stopping me from getting closer to you.
Haven’t you ever wondered why I keep coming back for more, even when you tell me that you’re not sure?
I know how I feel about you, now it’s your turn to feel for me.

I need you to be honest, to be whole.
Everything you do & say moves me in some way.
And I know that I could be happy without you, but you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever truly been.
It feels like forever even though it’s only been a little while.
Just take a look and hold on tight, everything will be alright.
If not now, then soon.
Trust me, I believe in us even more now that we’re free falling.
It’s all about the air you took & the breath you left.

I want to back down from this feeling, I want to run.
But even more than that, I want nothing more than what we’ve made for ourselves.
You are free to live your life as you please, just know that by you I am content & in us I am complete.
If not forever, then just for a while longer.
Just a little more.
This is where I want to be.

Will you join me?

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3 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. These words are very moving. I read this poem late last night and I was surprised at how many lines I felt came from my own heart.


  2. I really like this. It’s very poignant, very honest. I also think it would make a great song lyric. You are very talented!


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