Blog Without A Name

A friend of mine is considering creating a blog on WordPress, but (insert caveat here) NOT before she comes up with a name for her blog. Talking with her today got me thinking about how I came up with “The Wandering Mind” as my blog name.

A few years ago (2006 to be exact) while I was in transition between College and my own personal interests (acting, artwork & writing) I needed a way to vent. Chatting online with my then best friend & potential love interest was great, but it wasn’t enough, I wanted to know what other people thought. So I created my blog on MSN Spaces and decided that my penchant for expressing my wandering thoughts via poetry would be the basis of my blog’s title. And so “The Wandering Mind” took shape.

So here’s my question to ALL of you:

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

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5 thoughts on “Blog Without A Name

  1. justalittlelostinlove

    “It’s a Catastrophic Success” … Need I say more?


  2. Yep. She needs a blog name. 😉


  3. I just took myself and my life and what I represent and said, BANG blog time…lol. then again I have 4 blogs, so each one represent something I was trying to say in another voice other than what people know me for… But think about it, your friend’s blog could of been called “ABlogWithoutAName” now that would of been interesting if no one took that name already.


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