I Just Can’t Win With You

“This is a love/hate thing.” she said
“When does the love part start? So far its been all hate.” I said jokingly

I love flirting with my friend because she doesn’t let up on me, she can compliment me and insult me at the same time. She is immune to my charm and I know it, but it doesn’t stop me in the least. I guess I love a challenge.

At some point during our witty banter I just have to say, “I just can’t win with you!” and I walk away and come back with another joke or flirtation.

She knows that I mean well, or at least I think that she does. She hasn’t called the cops yet.
What can I do to get her to play nice with me?

Even now she’s watching me type and waiting for me to finish.

So Miss “Its Just A Virgo Thing”, this one’s for you!

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6 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Win With You

  1. lol This post is witty and honest, and I really njoyed it!

    As a Virgo, I can confirm that we are notorious for sending mixed messages.


    • As a Virgo, I know exactly what you are talking about. Now imagine what things are like with 2 Virgos and you’ve got my love/hate sensation.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Haha. The love/hate thing never lets up with some people. I have some long-term male friends it still goes on with. I think that secretly we all enjoy it!!


    • Yeah it never really ends, and I don’t really want it to. We both enjoy bugging the crap out of each other and we know that we’ll always be there to listen to each other.

      What’s up with you Selma?


  3. Todd Weir

    Ha. You can’t win. Period. Just play


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