The List (#20 Completed)


20. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone

You Wear That Cliche Well

Today I had the pleasure of literally giving a co-worker “the shirt off my back”.

Earlier today there was a thunderstorm and a co-worker came in soaked and asked if anyone had an extra shirt lying around. After asking a co-worker or two I remembered that I usually keep spare clothes in my drawer (tie, shirt & sneakers), but after looking I remembered that I had brought my shirt home for a wash. So I took off my blazer and suggested that he wore my dress shirt & leather jacket until his stuff dried off. Our female co-workers got an unexpected eye-full as we took off our shirts and did a quick switch-a-roo (is that even a word?). I had a black t-shirt on under my dress shirt and a blazer in my office.

I’ve been known to have a certain look or fashion sense, so when my co-worker stepped out in my clothes people started calling him by my name. Co-workers asked him to do my job and the girls teased him about wearing my look better than I do.

“My pants are wet, since you’re in a giving mood can I wear yours?” said a female co-worker to me.

I nearly took off my pants for this person (jokingly of course). During the staff pre-shift meeting I cut him off as he began his motivational speech as is the norm during a pre-shift (if you’ve been through one, you know what I’m talking about) and started talking to the agents on the floor as though I we’re him. He played along and started acting as though he was me and the agents laughed their asses off.

Once his clothes were dry he gave me back my clothes and thanked me. All in all, I felt great doing it and would do it again. I wonder what I’ll accomplish next on my bucket list?

P.S. I want to point out that I do not look at every opportunity as something to “check something off of my list”. Sometimes I’m just reacting to the situation at hand and only later do I realize what I’ve done. There will be times where I have a goal/plan in mind and am doing something with the intent of fulfilling something on my list.

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One thought on “The List (#20 Completed)

  1. Great workplace story… and funny too! 🙂


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