I Smell Like Campfire & Bacon

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This weekend I had the pleasure of joining my best friends and their family at their cottage for our “Wedding Party Cottage Getaway” at Balsam Lake, and it was a BLAST! I always have a great time with the gang, but rarely do we get the whole entire group together in the same area. This weekend began on a very exciting note for me since I was waiting to find out if I had got the apartment that I applied for (refer to my previous post, “A New Life (Sign on the Dotted Line” for reference) since the deadline was drawing near and I had been waiting for days in hopes that I’d know my living situation before heading to the cottage.

So my friends, (D-Sull & Angel) and I rode together with their daughter and 2 dogs and we arrived at the cottage early and were waiting for the rest of the gang to get there. So of course when everyone finally arrives we greet each other with hugs and laughter and then my phone rings. I step away from the group as I take the call and a smile quickly begins to take form on my face as I am laughing and talking with the person on the other end of the line. I turn to my friends and fill them in on the good news, I GOT THE APARTMENT! My friends throw their arms around me, give me high fives and we all decide that was a great way to start our EPIC weekend getaway.

The weekend was filled with swimming in the lake (with friends and dogs alike), a Shopping Cart Rally with random people in the streets, embarrassing stories, singing aloud in the car, ice cream for breakfast, late night pranks, water tubing and roasting smores on a campfire (which left my shorts smelling like “Campfire & Bacon”) among other things.

“My crotch…. I mean shorts smells like Campfire & Bacon after last night.” I said

“Isn’t that an Old Spice scent or something?” asks Crissy

“No it isn’t but it should be. Girls love campfires and Bacon!” I replied

“God you’re making me hungry Steve! I could just eat you!” Says Lady M

And I was still sober when we had that conversation, so it comes as no surprise to me or my friends when everybody is still up at 2 in the morning drinking themselves sober while talking about toys (of the more mature variety), playing Cowboys & Aliens in bed and asking for inappropriately named drinks (all while finding the time to take hilarious pictures with any poor soul that happened to pass out).

“I’m getting another Blueberry Martini, what would you like Steve?” asks Mama

“Can I have a Blowberry Martini?” I reply

(Insert awkward pause HERE)

“A what now?” Asks Mama while trying to hold back her laughter

“A Blackberry, Blueberry, Whatever-berry Martini. Err, whatever you’re having.” I quickly retort

My new drink of choice, the “Nookie Martini” (Just look up the term “nookie” or listen to that old Limp Bizkit song and the rest should make sense), was created in the hilarious “revelation” of an event that was captured on camera between my 2 gorgeous roommates and myself. Now before I even try to elaborate any further, I just want to tell you to get YOUR mind out of MY gutter.

So the girls and I are alluding to what happened in our cabin before we rejoined everybody as we’re looking at our cameras and snickering. And for some reason Mary blurts out that I’m quite the “Nookie Monster”.

“Steve, you’re quite the Nookie Monster tonight!” says Mary jokingly

“Well I’ll drink to that! The Nookie Monster needs another Martini!” I exclaim

“Steve what kind of Martini should I make you?” Says Dave with a grin on his face

“I dunno, I want a Nookie Martini, but I don’t know what tastes like nookie besides nookie.” I say in mock deep thought

(Everybody in the room bursts into gutt-busting laughter)

“You could try Tuna! Pour the juice out of a can of Tuna.” Quips Lady M

(Insert more side-splitting laughter)

All I know is that everybody took a lot of photos (some on cameras that might not have belonged to them) and we were always surprised by what we found the morning after. I’m sure our Facebook accounts are going to explode after all the tagging and untagging begins. I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to post our group “Captain Morgan” photo (don’t worry it’s totally PG and funny).

There are WAY too many hilarious stories to tell and that’s how it’s supposed to be when you have a good time with good friends. To my friends, you guys are amazing and I’ll never forget this weekend. I don’t think you’d let me forget it even if I tried. And getting my new apartment during this much-needed weekend was the icing on the cake.

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