Believe You Me

What do I have to do to move on again?
Never knew I missed so much.
Always thought I was wrong when I knew I was right.
Hesitation becomes contagious when loss becomes your only tie to home.
People are going to think that we’re fools.
They’re gonna hide and seek us out when they’re ready to bring us down.
But I’m not ready to fall and break my crown.
I’m not ready to give up.
Now I’m climbing boxes and opening memories that should’ve been stored until you were ready.
But time is of the essence and the hour is upon us.
So I’m cleaning up our messes, no complaints, although I do have just one question:
Would you let me go long enough to find out what we’re made of?

No matter how hard I try, I still can’t deny that I need you to live and I know why.
Something doesn’t feel right when I miss you.
While we wait for life to begin, I’ve gotta let you know that I don’t care like I should.
I’m never going back.
We are too close or too far with no middle-ground to maneuver around.
We tried to play nice and sure company made it easy,
but an audience shouldn’t pay the price when we’re out of tune.
I love you, I do, but like you, I can only do it in small doses.
Some of us want nothing to do with everything,
while some of us want everything to be about nothing.
Well I’m not one to talk, but I know that I could do better.

I’m never going back to wondering why.
I don’t want to stop, just to fall back into what I got out of.
So here I am sitting in a room, alone, but not lonely in the least.
I know where I am, I just have to find where I’m going.
I know who I am; I just need time to focus.
I forgot what this is all about, but all I know is that I want to live like music.
So I better be on my way.
I’m never going back to the way things were.
If you saw things from my view it wouldn’t be hard to understand why.
Believe you me; we can be so much better.

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2 thoughts on “Believe You Me

  1. I love this. I feel like I just had this conversation in my head lol. I will have to go back and read some more from you. Thanks for making my day


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