Handle With Care

Where do I start?
Every room has a box filled with memories and promises that I’ve yet to fully grasp.
So much room for growth and its all mine, its all up to me.
From the windows to the walls every little detail is mine to paint.
I chose to go it alone.
I chose to do it here.
So what’s next?

In my late night state of undress its become suddenly apparent that I have no cover, no blinds and I’m perfectly fine with that.
Exhibitionist tendencies aside, I think it means that I’m comfortable here, with myself.
Comfortable, now there’s a word with dangerous connotations; to be content with ones surroundings, or to be used to ones situation.
Good or bad, its all in how you choose to take it and what you choose to make of it.

I could get used to this and I could also get myself some blinds before my neighbors go blind or subscribe to my bedroom antics like teens to Snooki.
Oh my God, Guidos have entered my poetry, Lord of the paper, pen & ink have mercy on me.
Forgive me for I knoweth not what to watch since I opted out on cable for now.

Tonight I shall dine in mid-air using just my patience and joy to balance my appetite for dynamite.
Maybe I’ll unpack a few more boxes and roll out the carpet before I return to my slumber for the umpteenth time today.
And maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
All I know is that whatever I do is what I’ll be.

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