New Beginnings

A baby born.
A home being built.
A boy becoming a man.
All because of you and everything you’ve done.
It’s too far gone to take back these things we’ve done.
We could start all over again, but this is all we’ve got:
A future that I can’t see quite so clearly without you.
Praying for a miraculous spinal tap that’ll put us back together.
Maybe being broken is what it takes to find the pieces that keep us together.
Don’t be scared to become undone, open yourself up.
Give life a chance to change for the better.
Are you willing to take the risk?
Don’t let this last forever, I have places to be and people to see.
No, I’m not impatient, I just can’t wait for this life to begin.
No, I’m not ready, but I’m jumping in any way.
Our love moves faster than the speed of light.
If only we knew that we could set fire to the rain.
Filled with hopes and dreams for you and me.
It’s just you and me.
That’s all we’ve got.
Let’s open the door.

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One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Just wonderful! A truly lovely, touching poem. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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