Writing On The Spot

Where do you do your best writing?

I do my best writing in bed at the end of the day, but inspiration hits me at any point in the day. Thanks to WordPress on Blackberry I can jot down any inkling of creativity or excitement as it happens (as my friends can attest to).

Favourite Locations:

  • Libraries
  • On the bus
  • In bed
  • In the washroom (don’t ask)
  • At Starbucks

How long does it take you to write?

It depends on what I’m writing really. With poetry I can write up a storm in anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and then post it immediately, or I’ll table it for a while and come back to it and do a few revisions. When I’m posting excerpts from my daily happenings it tends to be almost instantaneous since I don’t want to lose the feel or details of the moment at hand.

Why do you write?

I am clear and smooth like liquor when I’m writing. Sometimes my quick-witted brand of “verbal diarrhea” isn’t as succinct or emotionally connected to my train of thought, so writing allows me to slow down and view things with a sense of focus. Knowing that other people can relate to how I feel or be inspired or even opened to different perspectives because of exposure to something I wrote makes me feel good.

In short I write for the same reason that I used to act or draw, I get closer to knowing myself with everything I do.

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