Note to Self: You’re Running Low

As a “writer” I always ask myself:

“What can I write that was better than what I just wrote?”

I strive for more depth & emotional resonance, but after a certain point I begin to think:

“Is this just another version of ‘xyz’ or part deux of ‘abc’? I don’t want that, not now anyway.”

This happens to me every now and again, and I don’t have a sure-fire cure or timer for when my creative juices will start flowing again. My creativity tends to shift from writing, to art to film to other things and back again. I took a LONG break from digital art since work left me “creatively bankrupt” on that front.

So what’s one to do when “writer’s block” is not a wall that stands before you, but rather within you? How do you get past creative barriers?

P.S. This pertains to my writing, not my (visual) artwork which I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten back into as evidenced by my previous posts “New Beginnings”, “Believe You Me”, “A New Life”, “Prince Charming” & “August Nights”.

Happy Long Weekend!!

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One thought on “Note to Self: You’re Running Low

  1. I would say just write in free-form without expectation or judgment and let what appears be a guide to where you are in the moment… 🙂


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