Right Where You Are

Everywhere I go, I know that I can find someone to call mine.
Every time they say my name, I say “baby” and maybe it’s time that I reserved a spot for that special name.
I’ve got nothing to lose but my loneliness.
But in the back of my mind I can feel a faint painful sensation that I don’t deserve.
And then it hits me as I see you looking my way.
You act as if nothing’s changed even though you’ve got something else going on in the background.

What are you looking at?
This might upset you, but I’ve got to get away from you.
I’m tired of talking about nothing.
Sure somewhere in the middle was us, but it’s time for you to get out of here as I take a drink & pass it around.
I won’t wake up in the morning thinking of you, I’m not sleeping alone.

You can stay right where you are.
I don’t need you tonight.
You’re in the back of my mind, just an afterthought.
What’s your name again?
I can barely remember who you are anymore.
What’s your game?
I’m not playing with you anymore, so stay right where you are.

Eyes on me, I can feel you following me with your eyes.
That’s as close as you’re gonna get.
You say you’re sorry as I take another shot.
I’m better off being blissfully on my own or actually enjoying the company of a sexy & secure woman.
When you hear me call you a “friend”, it sounds like a threat, it’s just karma, so try not to trip.
It’s a shame you’ll never know how good it’ll feel to be loved by me.
I need to stay cool until I find somebody that makes me hot & gets me going like a wildfire while I’m still seeing shades of grey in my coke & rum.
This is for all of the ladies I’ll love tonight.
Guess I’ll be different too, let’s try something different tonight.

You got what you want, so now I’m gonna get mine.
Now I’ll grab somebody & read what’s on their mind after nine.
Let’s see just how far we can go, you know what I like.
Tonight I’m gonna find somebody & I’ll take no prisoners, only hearts.
Like a soldier at war, I’m on a mission into the wild.
I won’t come back on my own.

I’ve got a bunch of feelings that I don’t show until I let a little liquor & a lady deep inside.
Thanks to you I’m purposely changing my direction and going out of my way to be different.
Understand me when I say nothing, because nothing is all that you will ever get out of me after I’m done here tonight.
You’re history, I’m turning the page.

So you can stay right where you are.
I don’t want you around tonight.
You’re in the background, just another hazy afterthought.
What’s your name again?
Forget it, I’ve lost it.
What’s your game?
I’m done taking aim at a heart that doesn’t feel the same.
So stay right where you are while I get familiar with a stranger.
Stay in the background where you belong.
Stay right where you are.

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4 thoughts on “Right Where You Are

  1. Your honesty is engaging and your sadness touches my heart. This is wonderful writing and I pray it does not reflect a true reality of your life – at least not for very long.


  2. Love this line: “… I find somebody that makes me hot & gets me going like a wildfire while I’m still seeing shades of grey in my coke & rum.” Nice piece 🙂


  3. oh snap you rocking with a blackberry? lol…I miss mines. I just went to the Android.


  4. Poeticjourney

    Wow! Deep and I feel where you coming from. Kudos on beautiful poem


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