Hold Up

Half past one, with my finger resting on the pulse of a loved one as if it was a trigger.
I think I loved this one to pieces only moments ago.
I know you know what I’m running on at this time of the never-ending night.
I’ve got half a mind to give you a tongue lashing like never before, but now is not a time for words.
Talk to me with your body, sweet & short like your escaping breath.
Let’s find out what it takes to mend broken hearts.
Love is not a race as our breathing sets the pace for things to come.
It’s been too long & I could use someone like you to work out my stress.
Let me set you off.

At arm’s reach encircled completely like infinity if only it were humanly possible.
Over my head & under my feet; there’s just some things that we have to see to believe.
Where you begin is where I end; In the middle of you.
We fully know how we got here; the question is what took us so long?
So long to knowing not knowing what love could feel like.
We don’t expect the world; we just want what is ours.
For now you belong to me & I belong to you too.
Just you wait & see, now that you’re where I want to be.
Regardless of where we wander, we’ve found paradise.
Get lost in the other side of me that no one knows while I find myself in your heat.

Without even trying our love bleeds out into every conversation we’ve silently held like these sheets.
I always want you around, closer than the ground and gravity that holds me down.
Should I tease you or please you?
As you lay back waiting, wanting more.
Let’s not hold back when we’re holding each other down.
I anticipate your movements as you follow my eyes.
This isn’t a bed-time story, it’s a hold up and your love is the weapon of choice.

Even after I give you everything, I know that this cycle will never end,
at least not until one of us surrenders.
That’s why I’m holding you up under the cover of the night.
When I say “Put your hands up.”
You know that I’m going to take you for all that you’re worth.
I’ve got the blueprint to your pleasure and I have every intention of breaking in and setting you off.
I can’t let you rest while I taste the sounds that you make.
Lately I’ve been dreaming of better ways to make you love me.
So wake me up when you’re ready to try this all over again.
Even though I loved you to pieces only moments ago.


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