Come A Long Way

3 am strolling through the checkout line.
With exes behind me and all this life before me, I can’t waste time on another missing person.
Off to the side, waiting for a change to light the way.
Disappointments aside, I’m better than bitter & over being under.
Broken time just ain’t mine to keep anymore.
It’s slowly slipping away into the depths of yesterday.
As I walk through the streets where life seemed so much bigger,
I’ve realized that my hope for tomorrow lies in your eyes.
You’ve got what I need.
Your spark lightens up my day in such a way that you just don’t get yet.
So I’ll write it into another post; at most I’ve got nothing to lose but my restraint.
I can already tell that you’re far from the usual & I wonder where you are.
I’m coming for you.

So used to walking alone late at night with the light on my side blurring by.
Not a soul knew of you or your sentimental virtue as I cut through red lights to get to you.
Soon enough I’ll be back  in front of the person that puts me at peace.
So far gone in thought & yet so close; closer to understanding myself through you.
Sometimes I’m not half the man that I should be, but how could that be when everybody loves me?
Everybody just wants to see me to make it to you.
To you, a safe haven, a reason to trust more than I can touch.
The change I’ve seen through your eyes gives me reason to believe in something more.
I come by it honestly I swear, with you I have no fear.
It’s who I am when I have your face to call my home.
Sure it’s late, I know, but it’s never too late for a change of heart.
After all that’s said & done, I don’t need another place or person of interest.
You’ve got the best of me.
You look so good, I might die.
All that I want is standing right in front of me.
I’ve come a long way and it’s all for you.

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