Fever Dream (Sleeping In A Burning Room)

It felt so real that I wanted it to be.
But I’ve got to let it go, it’s all or nothing.
You know me so well even though I don’t know where I’m going.
You just play it cool while I play the fool.
Were you ever really there?
I could hold onto you forever, I’m no match for your warm embrace.
I should let it go though.
I think I feel a fire starting.

Can’t do this routine anymore.
I wasn’t born yesterday, some things never change.
It takes two to consciously be together, but I’m just dreaming.
I wanted you to want me, but that was just a fever dream.
I’ve been sleeping in a burning room for far too long.
With time and a little clarity this waking life could be something good.
Almost as good as being with you.

Lying above the covers somewhere between another sunrise and reality.
It was just a dream & a brief one at best since you’re not around.
I should know better, but I didn’t want it to end.
There I go again letting you back in to places you’ve never been before.
Nothing felt as good as the touch of your smile.
It was a language on your face, a silent conversation.
Do you even know I’m here putting out fires that you started?
I can’t do this forever, wake me when it’s over.
It was nice to know you, even if it was just a dream.

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One thought on “Fever Dream (Sleeping In A Burning Room)

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