Filler (Ends With You)

Half of a heart ain’t much to live by.
Keep holding back although I don’t know why.
I don’t know the way to keep you inside.
Like the air that fills these lungs, I’ve got to open up to let you in.
To let you out without a doubt is something that I’m still learning.

At twenty-six the man I am is a far cry from the man I was only moments ago.
So here’s to better men that hold onto loved ones before egos & bottles.
You know the ones that try to swim for something bigger than they are.
I wish I had an example to live by, I guess I’ll just have to become my own.
It’s time to step outside the borderline.

This world is never-ending, that’s why I believe in people not rules.
I have half a mind to take back the time I’ve spent blindly coloring inside the lines.
Some rules are meant to be broken and some are still being written.
All this love knows no bounds and has found no vessel to hold it all in.
I’ve got to believe in something, it’s just that simple.

Take me out of my element until I stumble into the familiar embrace of a love I’ve never known.
And there you are, none the wiser.
You don’t know any better than to keep your heart and thoughts to yourself.
Thank God for your innocence, you keep me grounded.
Deep down you are my life-line when this life becomes a blur.

Nothing will get in the way, I’ll burn it down before I take the long way around.
Hold it up before it gets me down, don’t let me down.
My fears are so outdated, oh did I forget to mention?
This time I’m afraid that I’m not afraid at all.
Letting it all out, this is so unlike me.
See what you did to me, I think I like it.
Somehow this life just became interesting.
So here’s to leading by following our hearts.

You’re the big bang at the end of my days.
The world ends with you at night when you fall asleep.
And in the morning we’ll give this another try.
There’s still twenty-four hours remaining to take this all in.
The world ends with you always.

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One thought on “Filler (Ends With You)

  1. Poeticjourney

    Wow is all I can say!


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