Dark Love

Long nights, short breaths while I make you mine.
Even in the dark I can see through you.
All we need is time to do some damage.
Baby drop that top right now.
I don’t want anything to get in between our bodies.
What can I do to make you feel better than good?
What can I do to put your mind to rest before I bed your body?
It’s all the little things that I want to do to you.

Air escapes through the windows after our breaths are taken away.
We’re nowhere to be found as we hideout with the light out.
I want to take you to a place where you can escape & take hold of your heart.
Flickering lights hit every angle of the room as your every inch is discovered.
We’re not too far from finding forever in each other as you & I burn away.
Make no mistake I’m not done with you yet.
I want to know you after midnight because knowing you in daylight just ain’t good enough.
Dark love sounds crazy, but it’s fun once you’re in it.
So many things I can’t wait to show you before the night is over.

Things are changing right before our eyes.
Our attraction’s reaching a fever-pitch & suddenly this room doesn’t feel the same.
The evolution of our satisfaction is at our fingertips.
With you in hand, precision is my decision.
I’ll take you there while I wander down here.
We’re going to have the time of your life.
I’m so into you, tell me how you feel.
Let me know just who you are & how you feel.

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5 thoughts on “Dark Love

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  2. Christina



  3. very good publish, i actually love this website, carry on it


  4. I love this line: “We’re going to have the time of your life.” Talk about a man into giving more than receiving … nice 🙂


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