My Attention Getters

In no particular order (Ignore the contradictory numbers ladies):

  1. Confidence
  2. Sense of humor (a.k.a. not taking yourself too seriously)
  3. Being spontaneous
  4. Intelligence
  5. Being a good listener and conversationalist
  6. Style (As my Mother would say, “Look like you have some pride in yourself.”)
  7. Ambition and drive to do something (and actually doing it)
  8. Being friendly (If you come off as unapproachable or a bitch I won’t want to talk to you no matter how attractive I find you)

If you’ve got these fine qualities, I’m probably looking at you.

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6 thoughts on “My Attention Getters

  1. Poeticjourney

    Good to see a post by you! Good one btw


  2. Wow, I smiled and laughed at the pictures, and the information was awesome! Great Poetry!


  3. My attention getters:
    1. Modest
    2. Warm smile
    3. Good sense of humor
    4. Honest
    5. Hard-working
    6. Intelligent
    7. Assertive
    8. Nice ass


  4. Stop staring at me 🙂 lol


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