Leave A Message

An endless loop outgoing message tape, as used...

Remember the days when endless loops were really just 15 seconds?

The phone only rings when you want something from me
Now and again, I wonder when you’re gonna take my time
And hold my breath until I pass out
Why do you do this to me?
Why do I let you get away with it?
Call on me anytime you see
A tear running down, getting away from your pretty eyes
I’m not one to talk too much
From a distance or face to face I’ll admit
That I want to hear from you
For more than a minute I’ll run my mouth over yours
I can’t tell if you hear the yearning in my voice when I speak
I’m learning to ignore that ringing in my ear

Please leave a message
I can’t guarantee that I will listen to anything you say
If you ever call & I know that you will
Wait until the beep to tell me how you feel
“I’ll get back to you,” really means the opposite
Just leave me alone
Just leave me a message when you finally get the message

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4 thoughts on “Leave A Message

  1. Wow, I’m so digging dis one, thats how I felt with situation I was in not to long ago. Beautiful piece.. 🙂


  2. let me rest in pieces as i say!


  3. Really like this. It’s such a poetic way to say leave me alone … FBing this now 🙂


    • Thanks hun, I just got fed up with trying to reach this woman, knowing full well that she’ll blow up my phone with messages only when SHE wants something. I’m glad you like it so much. Now if only I could get Baby Face to sing this. Yes, I imagined him singing this while I wrote it.


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