From A Seed To A Garden

Well this should be interesting.
I thought you’d never come around.
No matter the answer, the outcome will always be the same.
I love you regardless & I dare not think less of you.

Isn’t it funny how the past always finds a way to walk back into your life, planting itself firmly in the midst of everything, like it never left at all?
Just as things seem to fall into place, there you are wanting to turn back time & make things brand new.
I got your message and your memory leaving seeds of yesterday wandering in my mind while this brand new love sensation rests against my shoulder quietly whispering my name to bring me back to her side of reality.
No really, it’s not like I haven’t thought of you, cus that hobby sure ain’t nothing new.
It’s just that I left you to be happy with a love that you could find at arms reach.
So you could have & hold someone that was more than words on a screen or muted moans on the other side of long-winded late night phone calls.
Believe me, I’m not bitter, although I’d be tripping if I said I wasn’t hesitant to let you back in.

You knew everything about the biology, psychology & drama that was me.
We’ve always had history & chemistry & we’ve always had class when it came to one another.
We’d go from friends to fiends after dark.
From the closest love to the farthest attempts at keeping it together.
And when all else failed, we were still talking.
Talking about sushi dates & sisters, Kanaan concerts with a new mister.
Spilling secrets & loving laughing about silly things that only we’d get.
I knew your new man without ever meeting him in person.
You knew my growing love for one complicated special person, and still you told me to “try”.

So why don’t we give this another try and see where it takes us.
I could use a friend like you.
A friend who knew me all too well although they would never tell me that.
And I’m sure you could find a friend in me once again.
One who knew how you’d react to HIM saying this & that.
Jasmine, like your namesake you were always hard to find & easy to miss once you were gone.
I’m still waiting for you to get back to me.

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3 thoughts on “From A Seed To A Garden

  1. So beautiful! LOVE IT AND KUDOS! God Bless 🙂


  2. Love is friendship a-blaze.


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