Head Rest

Man down, hands down, ready to lay it all down.
The day before can’t touch you while you’re heart’s protected.
Back down, stay low on this makeshift head rest.
I wish I knew what was going through my own mind.
I’m all intense & unfocused, I’m losing control.
Feel this wild fire I’m feeding.
Can’t touch you, no not like this.
Still you always keep me wanting.

Love on the Eastside under street lights.
What I’d give to see you.
Secret getaways & hidden exchanges.
This isn’t about the risks, it’s about time.
Time to unwind, rewind, and go back to the future we saw side by side in a cafe.
I’ll be free for you any time.

I’m a mess & most people don’t do well with that.
You need me to get you through the day.
I’m just a man fading & slightly jaded.
You need me to be a better man.
The way I feel shifts & changes the longer I wait.
This is how it starts.
Don’t let this end before I see you again.

You made a promise, will you keep it?
I used to stay up late watching over you.
For now I’ll sleep it off and maybe tomorrow you’ll see what’s going through my mind.
The safest place to be is under cover & sure of where your heart rests.
When the covers feel like the warmth of your body, I can’t help but to fade to black with a smile on my face.
Eyes shut, sound off, everything gets left behind.
Nobody else matters.

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One thought on “Head Rest

  1. I nominated you for an award; you’ll find the rules here:http://narcissistsblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/this-sht-is-bananas/



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