Stephen’s Anti-Superbowl Weekend

1 Fun workout
2 Postponed/cancelled dates
3 Cakes & cupcakes never got baked (there’s an unintentional drug reference haha)
4 Drinks
5 Movies & pizza slices later

And I finally had an epiphany:

I’ll be FINE by myself.

If I can stand being with myself, eventually I’ll find someone else who can put up with my smart-ass remarks, random dance attacks, vain mirror checking rituals & my penchant for doing cartwheels & handstands in my apartment (just to prove that I still can do it).

For starters I could have:
– Got laid at 2 in the morning
– Made cupcakes with a sweet yet complicated girl
– Gone to a Superbowl party
– Been miserable alone

But I did none of those things & I’m perfectly fine with that for some inexplicable reason (shh, I’m the most well adjusted person on the face of the planet).

I’m sure I left a few other tidbits out, but it’s Superbowl Sunday (and I really don’t care).

I’m hitting the showers & happily heading to bed.

Take care cupcakes…mmm cupcakes (drools just a little).

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2 thoughts on “Stephen’s Anti-Superbowl Weekend


    I dont see the big hype behind Superbowl. Maybe because im not much into hype. lol. I thought it was just an american thing, but i guess not lol. i dont watch sports because i get into it.. Im one of those people who yell at the tv, throw things, shout at the ref even tho he cant hear me. I just had a thought. why are refs always guys? I havent seen a woman yet!
    hmm tho i agree with your list. except the cupcakes with the girl thing.
    and im not miserable by myself. i sometimes perfer being alone. dont have to deal with drama.
    ugh and new york won…oh joy! 🙂


    • Yeah about that… You see baking cupcakes & watching movies was part of my idea for a date & things didn’t work out.

      Sure I could have baked on my own, but I figure I can wait & see whether her busy schedule or diet gives into me next weekend. As for the movies, I only watched 1 of the movies that we had planned to watch together.
      And besides baking my own spinach & chicken pizza was fun after a good workout.

      Good night!


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