Cover Me (Under The Spotlight)

Out of tune & way out of line.
Spread too thin to zero in.
Surrounded by a storm of doubt.
I am without a dream worth falling for.
I’m not gonna leave myself feeling bare for fear of losing myself to the uncertainty that comes with not knowing.

Will I be a smash hit or just a one hit wonder?
It’s hard enough to not give in.
Trying not to fold.
There’s more to me than I was ever told.
All I need is to start on the right note.
All the things I left behind, I’ve come to find are what made me strong.
Even whispers can drown out the noise you keep putting out.
Where is your passion & where is your dream?
I want to live like music.
Cover me endlessly.

Well I’m done taking back what I’ve done.
I’m not who you are & I won’t ever sound like you.
I’ve found my voice.
The way I move & touch others is something that I was blind to.
But they reached out to me & showed me love & what it’s all about.
I hope you know what it means to inspire & to have a dream worth protecting.
I’ve only begun to grasp what I let go of so long ago & I won’t let it go.
No, never, not ever again, for your sake & mine.
Another chance won’t come again.
I’m ready to be heard.
I’m ready to shine.

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