Good Cop/Bad Cop: Advice Edition

Here’s some advice I got from some friends of mine during our chats:

“Just cut her off. If she wanted you, she could totally have you & she knows that. She has the opportunity, and she’s not taking it.

Don’t think for one second that she’s thinking about you romantically & continue seeing other women that are making themselves available for you. Keep it simple.” – Blogger Friend

“Any girl would go crazy for your writing and humour. You’re a really nice guy even though you act like you’re not. If this girl has any sense she’ll grab you before you’re gone. Want me to make her jealous?” – Friend

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3 thoughts on “Good Cop/Bad Cop: Advice Edition

  1. I disagree with those two “cops”. Only YOU can decide what’s best for YOU. Only YOU can make the decision to walk away from the hope of being with her.
    You’ve recently told her how you feel. Give her some time to absorb. You can give yourself a “deadline” of sorts (without her knowing!) and choose your path when the time comes.
    Hang in there…..for now.



    I am a woman and I have to say “why do women have to be such bitches? always playing with people like a cat with a mouse?” I dont understand the species. I hope she doesnt keep playing you, you need someone better if she doesnt see what a great person you are! 🙂

    on another note. i wanted to let you know i nominated for a award… i know im kinda lame…



    * i nominated you* me and my sentence structure.


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