Saw The Distance

Today I saw a sign that I couldn’t ignore.
It said “Reclaim your dignity” in white & green.
Not white & green like cash money, but like a light telling me it was time to go.
I did what people told me & let them mold me.
Until recently I didn’t know what hit me.
Complacency; sure it was gentle, but it stings just the same.
I feel lost at times.

Now I’m on my own, there is no middle ground.
Shot after shot, words & ideals ricochet.
Indecision isn’t a decision, so here I am in decision, blindly going forward.
Don’t worry I won’t spend too much time underground.

In the blink of an eye everyone I truly connected with saw the distance.
I tried to respond with kindness to their questions & was left with more.
Trust what you know or trust what you’ve seen?
Change will come, even in this disarray.
And the rest is in the past where it belongs.
It doesn’t really matter where it all began.
Happiness is always waiting for something new.

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4 thoughts on “Saw The Distance

  1. jeglatter

    Love the last line.


  2. thedawnerupts

    I love how this flows.




  4. Quite profound Stephen.


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