Pretty girl running on “E”.
Can’t get no sleep while her head is busy swimming.
Thoughts of exes & oh’s that she’d make at night keep her wondering what went wrong.
Now that she’s alone, she’s blowing up my phone.
But I’m not ready for an encore, no repeat performances for her.
No I’m not falling for it & I won’t give in to her.

Demands to know where I’m at & when I’m gonna be home.
Cus now that I’m on my own she wants to step into my zone & spend time alone.
But what she doesn’t understand is that I’m not an option or a consolation prize.
So this isn’t happening.
Girl just lose my number like you lost your mind.

Can’t give me love that you can’t find.
And passion is like a drug & I’m pretty sure you’re still hooked on it.
As soon as the buzz between you & your new mister fades you’re onto the next one.
But it’s not quite the same high.
So hi & bye, cus I need something more.
Don’t call me while you’re stuck in the past, it’s passed.
Fill yourself with some true love instead of running on these empty vapors.
Stop living in reverse, it’s time to move on.
Pretty girl stop running on “E”.

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