The Laughing Woman

I consider myself a funny guy. I’m no comedian, but I’m known for my quick wit and have always prided myself on being able to get a few laughs out of people. For as long as I can remember my dry humor was my cologne; what I wore to get a woman attracted to me.

Even in a serious or stressful situation I still find myself cracking jokes to defuse the situation.
Laughing releases endorphins and oxytocin, naturally occurring chemicals that help to relieve stress and increase feelings of well being and belonging, making it easier for them to open up to you and start building a foundation of trust and intimacy.

Laughter is contagious which explains why many of us feel more relaxed and happy among more extroverted people with good senses of humor. I consider myself to be an “ex-introvert”, a reformed introvert that exhibits extrovert-like tendencies.

Laughter Builds Bonds
Have you ever spent time with someone who didn’t seem to find anything funny? After a while you probably started to find them less attractive & way too serious.
We don’t often think about it, but a large part of who we are is what we find funny. It’s easier for us to be friends with those who have a similar sense of humor, just as it’s harder to find common ground with those who don’t.

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”Marilyn Monroe

There’s a fine line between showing up with your “A Game” to impress someone & straight up trying too damn hard. Share your witty observations and deadpan delivery (or whatever it is that you do), just don’t overdo it.

Last night I had the pleasure of making a woman laugh & we carried on a good conversation. I felt good because I was able to cheer her up & she left feeling good because of me.

Its like I said earlier in the week,
“Some words & some people will never connect, but you won’t know until you say something.”

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One thought on “The Laughing Woman

  1. The way to a woman’s heart… by making her smile…….and laugh 🙂


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