Been A While

Wasn’t looking for trouble.
Can’t seem to hold you like I want to.
Don’t want to cross the line.
I want to make you mine, although it isn’t clear what you want from me.
I only know what I’ve heard & I’ve heard it about a hundred times before.
Come to me when I need comfort, no more, no less.

I don’t know what to say.
What can I say?
I can’t ignore this, pause, take a breath.
If you need time, take your time.
I don’t mind, just let me know.
Say what’s been on your mind & in your heart from the start.

It’s been a while.
There’s no words coming your way.
I can’t help but to wonder why.
Was it something I said?

I’m used to running on empty, so making a lot out of a little is nothing new to me.
You told me to be real, so I gave you something you could feel.
Now I’m getting mixed signals & no reply, it’s just not fair.
If you don’t feel like I feel, let me know, let me go.
If you feel the same, let it show.
Something is better than nothing my dear.

I haven’t changed, only my situation.
You want to come over I can tell, yet you stay away.
Wasn’t looking for trouble.
Love don’t seem so out of sight with you so near.
You’re my only destination & that’s alright with me.
I sway when you stand close to me & listen when you talk, you’ve got a hold on me.

It’s been a while, I know.
There’s no words for this.
I can’t help it, I want what I want.
Is that alright with you?

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