Love Shows/Love Languages

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

What is your language?
What makes you feel loved?

I need to touch & be touched from time to time. A hug, high five, leaning against each other; something.

I also need quality time, you know that one on one time for a while, and then I’m good.
The activity isn’t really as important as the company is. I’m more interested in being with you & knowing that you enjoy being with me.

I get that it’s not that easy for other people to open up or to adapt to the ways that I show & accept love, but it is necessary. I don’t want to control how we communicate, I just want to understand it.

Communication is the key to discovering who we are & what we will become. Communication is multi-layered. Discovering how & what I am communicating to other people & how they need to be treated & loved in return has been rather enlightening.

Why do I sound like a Counsellor all of a sudden?

Take care my friends.

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5 thoughts on “Love Shows/Love Languages

  1. HUGE advocate of that book. I’ve read it myself at least five times and have recommended the book to clients many times beyond that. As a relationship coach, I strive to help people understand that their relationship is more filled with love than what they realize. It is akin to you or I going to Germany and expecting everyone to speak English. We each share our lives with another person. It is two different societies trying to coexist with one another. In order to make it work, both people have to learn the language that the other understands.


  2. Great post Stephen! I have this book and have read it many times as well. Kudos to you for “getting it”… 🙂


    • And I’m not even in a “relationship”. I enjoyed reading it. Applying it has been interesting.


      • Not in a relationship? May I remind you that you always have YOURSELF. It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have.
        I’m glad you’ve learned what your love language is. I’m sure once you’re in a relationship with a love interest you’ll quickly recognize their love language. 😉


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