Perfect Storm

When the time is right for me,
I’ll find a way to walk into your life.
Like a perfect storm I’ll sweep you up & leave you in a wreck.
Make time for me.
It won’t be long before I’m gone.

No, you can’t hold me down.
I won’t be around when you call.
You’re not my priority, just my security.

You are a lover of sorrows.
You love me harder when I feel pain.
I won’t be shared, not at all.
If you’ve made plans, cancel them.
I need you now & I can’t wait.
Don’t let my feelings wash away.

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7 thoughts on “Perfect Storm

  1. Wow! Nice!


  2. Christina

    Why must the time be right for you?
    A twister describes this to be true.
    And you’ll find a way to walk in my life??
    Save it, that comment alone
    hurt worse than a knife
    You don’t deserve my security
    YOU!!! make time for me!
    Holding yourself down
    You’ll see when I’m not around.
    Don’t you need me when you’re in pain?
    So full of yourself….vain!
    If your feelings were real, they wouldn’t wash away
    Whatever, see you some other day!!


    • I like it when you argue with me Christina. This is a conversation worth having. And just so we’re clear, I’d like to have a real conversation with you sometime. This poem was how I felt someone was treating me. Take care!


  3. “you’re not my priority just my security”
    Thats the line that got me.
    Very well place images.
    Hope all is well!


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