I wish that I could be honest with myself & you.
The urge to say what I’m feeling gets suppressed by you.
My consideration for your situation, no my need to sacrifice my wants for your immediate needs has to stop.

I can’t stop thinking about you, but can you say the same thing about me?
It seems as though you can go for days without thinking of me.
To have such a beautiful letdown at your hands is disheartening.
I’m used to being lonely, but it doesn’t mean that I want to be alone.
I’d call, but I know that you won’t answer or return the favor.

Silence is frightening & uneasy when you’re waiting for an answer.
Your silence differs from mine.
Your silence confirms what I already knew & my silence feels its way through towards a conclusion.

Some decisions are thought through while others are fully felt.
I want to speak with you about where we are.
Not where we are as in location, but ‘where’ as in relation.

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One thought on “Suppress

  1. Christina

    I’ve felt this before. I’ve made someone feel this way. Either way its not a good feeling. The silence I know too well. I enjoyed this. 🙂


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