WTF: I Found Them!

It all makes sense now! As a kid I always wondered why these two scarlet covered globe trotters kept disappearing.

They had secret rendezvous around the world. I know you might be swooning & saying, “How romantic… Aww.”

I say, how shady. This “secret lovers” thing won’t last if they stay together in one place for too long, it’ll lose all of its excitement.

I’m surprised TMZ didn’t leak their relationship sooner.

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3 thoughts on “WTF: I Found Them!

  1. Well this also explains how Carmen always managed to escape! Everyone was too busy searching for Waldo!


    • Yeah! Of course Carmen wants Waldo, he’s the only guy that knows how to find her & then disappear from her life again. Hmm, getting child support is gonna be a bitch. He better be committed to staying with her, she’s quite a catch.


  2. Reblogged this on All Day Class6 and commented:
    Waldo definitely got the better end of the deal hear, even if he has to pay for dinner and the hotel.


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