Don’t let that be me. Yeah, don’t work too hard.

Gen Y Girl

My mom was actually funny yesterday. Usually, she’s not. She sent me this…

Okay so yes, this is awful, but it does make a good point.

Look, I don’t know everything, but I DO know that I DON’T WANT TO DIE AT WORK!

I am all for having a career and being successful and making a difference. But at the same time, work should never be your entire life. And so that’s why I get upset when people can’t understand why Generation Y wants flexible work schedules. Um, yea…of course we do. Because there’s so much out there! There are so many things that we want to see, that we want to experience. Yes, there IS life beyond those three walls of your cubicle. Go read a book. Go take a vacation. Go spend time with family and friends. That’s what life’s about.

I hear crap like this all…

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