Darkest Passions

Do you ever think when you’re alone, “Are you holding back, like the way you always do?”

Sometimes the darkest passions cast a new light on everything before us, revealing so much that it hurts. Such humanity, desperate to be realized & accepted. We’ve tried & tried, but this sensation never really goes away, it may be ignored & suppressed, but it never can never be put out.

Emotions tend to trickle off into other emotions & fuel them in surprising ways. A cycle repeated, building up just to break down. When our hearts reach a fever-pitch, its us that burns down, not the one that set us ablaze.

I guess that’s why we do bad things in order to do good. It’s not an excuse, merely an observation.

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4 thoughts on “Darkest Passions

  1. I’m finally catching up on posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂


  2. I’ve found that practicing Buddhist principles for living helps with slowing down and observing emotions before they over take me. I recognize them more easily, accept them for what they are, investigate what they are all about and what my choices are as non-judgmentally as I can, and try learn from them in positive way. I find myself having to do a lot less justifying and apologizing lately… 😉


    • Thanks for your advice Lorna! I find that writing completely unfiltered about how I feel allows me to tap into where I’m at. I also love swimming; the deeper I delve, the more I feel at peace. Water always puts me in a good mood, hell I love taking showers too.


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