Expectation (Part 1: Awake)

It’s quarter to nine. The breeze slips through the opening in the window & dances around the curtains before grazing my face like the hand of a gentle lover. I raise my head towards the window & am blinded for a second by the warm sunlight that washes over me. A thought comes over me, causing a smile to form uncontrollably. Like a day-tripper ready to face the day, I leap out from beneath the comfort of my bed & my feet touchdown on the floor with a light bounce.

My whole body says “Go forth”, into the water raining down gloriously from the shower. The bathroom is filled with as much joy & song as it is steam & aroma. I smell exotic, covered from head to toe in mango, pomegranate & tangerine, I smell delectable. Like an underwater symphony conductor my fingers move to & fro through the slick, foam covered body of my wavy hair guiding my voice as my falsetto carries on to the tune of “Free Fallin'”. The water & soap runs down my body, exploring every curve, and as soon as I stop singing, so too does the water stop flowing. A breath escapes from my lips as I sigh with the utmost relief.

I am ready for the world; I am ready for you.
You will make me what I am.

I am free. The whole day is mine & I want to give it to you. I am free to dedicate myself to you. Its been a long time coming. All of the gaps in time that were filled with reasons why we couldn’t be together would be erased by the actions of today. With this thought in mind I open the door & watch as all of the steam & fog around me gets swept up & pulled into the vast openness of the apartment. And so, I step out into the halls of my apartment as though it were a new world without a towel wrapped around me. I am free.

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