WTF: Middle East Shows America How to Do Pizza

Why choose when you can have it all! Call a Doctor before you place your order!

Pizza Hut always has some crazy kinds of crust, but in the UK they have Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza and today I learned about Pizza Hut Middle East’s Crown Crust Carnival pizzas. These pizzas are adorned with either cheeseburgers or chicken fillets, much like delicious gems on a cheesy crown. How regal! The promotional videos are worth a look (cheeseburgers, chicken fillets).

I wrote about KFC’s Double Down a long time ago, and now we have this. Chances are that we will never see this in North America, but if we do, I think I’d need to be seriously high and lacking in calories (pass me some Mary Jane, I need to have some serious munchies to stomach this culinary assassination attempt).

This is a sad and dark day, American pizza clearly isn’t what it used to be, the Middle East has shown them how Pizza is done. The war on “terror” has finally taken a new form. This crap is going to blow up the Middle East, by expanding their waists. America’s gluttony has been topped with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & burger buns biatch!

Take a look at the commercials below.

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One thought on “WTF: Middle East Shows America How to Do Pizza

  1. I love how all the people in these junk food commercials look NOTHING like the people who consume that garbage regularly.


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