In The Mood For You

I’m in the mood for you.
I feel the way you move.
You look like you know just what to do.
And everything you do just feels so right.
It can’t get any better.

I’m in the mood for you.
I see just what you’re saying so clearly.
You hear my every desire without a single word being said.
And nothing feels quite the same.
It only gets better.

I’m in the mood for you.
It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you.
You never give me what I want, because you know just what I need.
You always come around when I need you.
And when you’re gone I need you more than before.

I’m in the mood for you now, what more do you want?

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3 thoughts on “In The Mood For You

  1. They want it all.
    I like the image of this and even the title. “Im in the mood for you.” and when the mood passes?


    • I never did get a real answer. I’ll let you know as soon as I do. Someone started off a conversation with me by saying the words in the title & in my head I broke that line down in 3 different ways. Either way, I asked myself “what was so different about me now as opposed to 2 months ago or 2 weeks ago?” and my answer was “NOTHING”. So then I asked myself “why do you want me now?”

      I decided to write about this from a flirtatious & self-aware point of view. Now imagine me whispering this poem in your ears and that should be just about the right tone. 🙂


      • Ah. Well as soon as you know I’m sure you’ll write something amazing and let the rest of the interweb people know.
        And, pardon all grammar, but daaaamn. Whisper that in anybody’s ears and they better come back for more. haha :]


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